Mini POF of PT KUS Riau Might Pass the Waste to Sungai Batang Dosa

InfoSAWIT,ROKAN HULU – Mini palm oil factory (POF) of PT. Kencana Utama Sejati (PT.KUS) in Village of Tambusai Barat, Sub district of Tambusai, District of Rokan Hulu, Riau Province might pass the liquid waste to Sungai Batang Dosa in Rokan Hulu and Padang Lawas, North Sumatera Province.

The company that has been two years operating there has made the local people worry and it does not contribute to the people.

It is proven that one family of Village of Tambusai Barat should let his house falling into ground because of erotion around the factory of PT. KUS.

The villager, Nusron Nasution (30) who had broken house should move and now live in a rent house. “I am insulted. PT KUS has no intention to my family,” he said as quoted abadikini.

He also said, he asked for compensation from the company but PT KUS would pay it cheap. “I have told to the company so that I have compensation on my house and land. But the company would pay it Rp 30.000 per meter square,” he said.

He also mentioned, he did not say yes for it is unrealistic price. “I insist to move for it has been piled up by the erotion and the waste of the factory is thrown at night and in the rain season,” he said.(T3)

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