FFB Production of Kencana Agri Increased 50%

FFB Production of Kencana Agri Increased 50%

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -  According to the company, in the operational sector, the areas that the company cultivates increased from 2.427 hectares to be 55.621 hectares. The fresh fruit bunch (FFB) from the main areas increased 50to be 436.618 tonss by October 2017, or more than the FFB in last year that reached 293.182 tonss in the same period.

The company also claimed, it happened for the better climate – last year, 2016 it was so draught. The CPO and CPKO yield reached 20,3% and 43,3%.

Chairman and CEO Kencana Agri Lltd., Henry Maknawi, said, the better FFB production happens for the less drought and El Nino. It happens since the third quarter of 2017. “We predicted, this would go on until 2018. Over all, we predicted, the 2017 production would be better than it in 2016,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

But the price is not so good for the abundant stocks because of the better climate and the less demands from China and Euoprean Union, and also more stock of soybean oil.

“We keep focusing to the productivity and cost efficiency to have better position and to advantage the result of harvest,” Henry Maknawi said. (T2)

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