The 31st ASEAN Summit: Empower the Centrality of ASEAN and The Access of Global Market

InfoSAWIT, MANILA – Indonesia really supports the decision of ASEAN leaders to empower the centrality of ASEAN and the access markets of ASEAN in the global markets. Secretary of Trade, Indonesian Republic, EnggartiastoLukita said this when accompanying President JokoWidodo in the 31st ASEAN Summit on 13-14 November 2017 in Philippines International Convention Centre (PICC), Manila, Philippine.

"Indonesia really supports the decision of the ASEAN leaders to empower the centrality of ASEAN, double the trade intra-ASEAN and external-ASEAN, and increase the trade of ASEAN in the global markets from the 6th level to be the 4th level in the world,” he said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

ASEAN Summit was joined by the leaders of ASEAN countries and the trade partners of ASEAN, such as, China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia andNew Zeland, and other partners such as, USA, Russia, Canada and European Union.

The Chairman in ASEAN, Philippine, proposed the theme  'Partneringfor Change, Engaging the World'. ASEAN should support the economic integrated process and accomplish many good initiatives in the context of intra-ASEAN and eksternal-ASEAN. It is written in Consolidated Strategic Action Plans (CSAPs) of the blue print of Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (MEA) or ASEAN Economic Community, 2025.

"Indonesia really thanks Philippine as the host of ASEAN in 2017 that really supports the progress to implement the blue print of MEA 2025,” he said.

ASEAN believed, the integration process would be developing more and keep going when the Chairman is Singapore in 2018 so that ASEAN would be more stable and tougher and also active to advance the economic cooperation in the regional and global levels.

Ministry of Trade regularly keeps coordinating with Coordinator Ministry in Economy, as the host of AEC Council Indonesia to support every ministry which is in charge to the initiatives of the blue print of MEA 2025 to implement everything as it is scheduled. (T2)

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