Change the Waste of Palm Oil and Cassave to be Woof

Change the Waste of Palm Oil and Cassave to be Woof

InfoSAWIT, BONTANG – The waste of Palm oil and cassave seeems useless. But they are not in the hands of Kelompok Tani Rantau Pulung, Sub district of Rantau Pulung (Ranpul). They change the waste to be animal woof.

The Secretary oof Village of Manunggal Jaya,  Giyoto said, the village government will not let the opportunity. It is potential. The village also takes the villagers, especially the smallholder groups to be tranined. “We trained them for they really expect this. Besides giving new knowledge, it is also the solution to procure the woof. We hope, it could run well,” he said, as quoted from Bontangpost.

The training was held in Village of Manunggal Jaya and in cooperation with Balai Pengkajian Teknologi Pertanian (BPTP), East Kalimantan Province and Village of Manunggal Jaya, Sub district of Rantau Pulung and Unit Pelaksana Teknis (UPT) Pusat Kesehatan Hewan (Puskeswan) Ranpul andPenyuluh Pertanian Lapangan (PPL) Village of Manunggal Jaya.

In the same chance, PPL Desa Manunggal Jaya, Agustinah said, the train was to advantage the waste of palm oil and cassave ad then they were processed to be woof. The first was done in theory and then it was implemented to practice. It started by cutting the midrib and cassava into pieces by using chopper. The waste should be in powder and could be turned into woof.

“There were about 10 smallholders groups joining the training from Sub district of Ranpul,” he said.(T3)

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