PD Agro Would be the Woof Factory from Palm Oilcake

InfoSAWIT, PANGKALAN BUN – Regent of Kotawaringin Barat (Kobar), Hj. Nurhidayah SH. MH. Planned to activate the corn factory that has been abandoned for years for there is no markets. The plan is to make woof knowing that the woof markets are good to do. “The former  PD Agro Mandiri would be evaluated to know that what business is good in our region,” she said, as quoted from Kalteng Pos.

She also mentioned, it is impossible to re-run the corn factory for it is difficult to get the corn market. “In the future, we would know, what commodity to develop to run PD Agroama Mandiri,” she said.

She also said, the mainstay commodity in the district is palm oil. So she reminded, the potential could be developed, such as, the oilcake as the material to make woof. “I think, that is good if the ex – corn factory would be for the woof factory from oilcake as the material,” she said.(T3)


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