To Know the Scheme of Innovation in Palm Oil Fund

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Actually, the single management has been implemented by some companies, known as the funding innovation scheme to take the independent palm oil plantation to have better productivity. It is just what PT Buana Wiralestari Mas (BWLM), the subsidiary of PT SMART Tbk., does.

According to the company, the palm oil replanting program to the independent smallholders, within the target 500 hectares (ha) that had been decided by the end of 2014 would be done in phase. In May 2015 the replanting program had been done to the independent smallholders joining in KelompokTaniSwadaya Kita in a 100 hectare area in Village of Seikijang, Sub district of TapungHilir, Kampar.

By April 2016, the independent smallholders’ replanting program within the innovation scheme and plantation revitalization program was done for 400 hectares joining KelompokTaniPetapahanin Village of Petapahan, Sub district of Tapung, Kampar by involving 193 families.

Chairman of KoperasiBerkatRidho, Misdan, said, most of the independent smallholders who join the innovation scheme are those who did not agree with the plasma scheme that the government used to do. The reason is that to be plasma smallholders seems to have much to limit because of regulation. “And in the end they enlarge their own plantation,” he recently said.

Most of the smallholders usually got the seeds by picking up the seeds by the roadside. The seeds were mostly planted in 2000s. After 15 years, there are no good result for the smallholders get 400 kg/month or 4,8 tons of FFB per hectare per year.

It is clearly different from what the plasma smallholders cultivate that may reach 2 tons/month or 24 tons of FFB/hectare/year and may be 30 tons of FFB/hectare/year. The different result forced the independent smallholders to do replanting to have better one. (read InfoSAWIT May 2016, Independent Smallholders’ Replanting Program is not Dream only)

Unfortunately, the replanting program hits the modal. The financing help from the government within small interest is not easy to get and the program has been over.

But the financing innovation scheme that the national stakeholders proposed could be the alternative of the replanting program for the independent smallholders.(T2)

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