Conservation Areas in Palm Oil Plantation Need the Legal

Conservation Areas in Palm Oil Plantation Need the Legal

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – There have been much to do to protect the areas having high conservation value (HCV) done by the palm oil companies in West Kalimantan Province. But the protection of HCV is not supported by the legal. As the result, it could be taken over by the regional government or the people.

“Palm oil companies have made conservation areas and they need the legal for the areas could be taken over by the regional governments, and given back to other companies or the people cultivate there,” Desi Kusumadew, who was the Palm Oil and Landscape Manager, IDH at the time.

It needs the legal to the conservation areas for they are open access for those who want to use the areas. Head of Forestry Agency, West Kalimantan Province, Marcel said, exclusive essential zone (EEZ) is the best way to protect the conservation areas. “Most of stakeholders, and NGOs are involved in the EEZ process,” he said.

Bernardi of PT Pasific Agro Sentosa, said, the legal for the conservation is needed for it is a concern that the environment investment that one company has done would be useless when the regional government publishes license of location in the areas. “What we have done to protect the environment would be useless,” he said.

NowPT Pasific Agro Sentosais palm oil plantation company nationally and has done assesment, and agreed to prepare 10 thousand hectares to be conservation areas since 2012.

Meanwhile the regulation of EEZ is in the process to publish by Ministry of Environment and Forestry. If the regulation is officially published, the protection of the environment would have certainty and legal. (T2)

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