18 November Is Proposed to be Palm Oil Day Nationally

18 November Is Proposed to be Palm Oil Day Nationally

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN –General Director of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Bambang, said, 18 November as the Palm Oil Day, that is proposed by Indonesian Palm Oil Board (IPOB) would be the homework for the government to do.

“I do appreciate IPOB, Palm Oil Day that would be in every November 8th in every year. It would be proposed and I do hope that the Secretary of Agriculture could decide it,” he said in Medan, Thursday (18/11) in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He also mentioned, the proposal to have Palm Oil day is normal for palm oil really contributes much to the national gross domestic (NGD) in plantation sector.

Of Rp 400s billion of NGD in Plantation sector, palm oil contributed Rp 234 billion. “Having Palm Oil Day in Indonesia would be the support to advance the commodity in Indonesia sustainably,” he said.

He also said, there are plenty of work in this sector, such as, the productivity and the quality of the smallholders’ harvest. Of 11,9 million hectares, 4,7 million hectares belong to the smallholders.

Meanwhile Chairman of IPOB, Derom Bangun said, the proposal to make 18 November as Palm Oil Day in Indonesia refers to the history of palm oil research in this country within the reference of literature in Pusat Penelitian Kelapa Sawit (PPKS), Medan.

The result research of Director of PPKS Medan, Hasril Hasan Siregar and the team, found that on November 18th 1911, palm oil was commercially planted for the first time in concession area ofPoeloe Radja (Pulu Raja, read) within modal reaching 1,4 million Franc Belgium.

Based on the last data, by the end of 1942, palm oil areas in the region reached 440 hectares. In the late days,Pulu Rajais managed by PTPN IV within the areas reaching about 3.700 hectares. The commemoration day itself is to support the same action to improve and advance palm oil in Indonesia.

Director of PPKS Medan, Harsil Hasan Siregar mentioned, the proposal of the day refers to the data in PPKS. “It is an honour to have Palm Oil Day in Indonesia for the first time done in PPKS Medan,” he said.

In the opportunity, the stakeholders also declared IPOB to be Dewan Sawit Indonesia. (DSI). (T2)

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