Palm Oil Turns the Fortune of Villagers of Tepian Baru

Palm Oil Turns the Fortune of Villagers of Tepian Baru

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –In the beginning, the villagers of Tepian Baru were in bad situation. They had no regular income, and cultivated as what they could. But after making partnership with Palma Serasih Group, they now live better.

In 2002 silam, Village of Tepian Baru, Sub district of Bengalon, District of East Kutai was not like now. It was said, the village was made because of the area expansion in East Kalimantan for there were only about 300 families living there.

At the time, Village of Tepian Baru was in bad condition. The people had no regular income. It was difficult to earn their lives.


Head of Village of Tepian Baru, Bahrudin (51), thought, the people got 2 hectare area and the home yard, but they cultivated the areas just the way they could. There were palm oil seed helps at the time, but they should plant it by themselves. For having no knowledge about cultivating palm oil, many of them did not plant it.


They did wrong cultivation and they had no maximal result. “The areas were abandoned. We had no ability and capability to cultivate palm oil,” he said.


What Bahrudin, the man from West Nusa Tenggara, said had no change until 2003. They had no regular income and the areas were not maximally used. The bad days got longer.


In 2004, there were proposals to make partnership from some palm oil companies. Unfortunately, the proposals were not interesting.


In 2008, PT Anugerah Energitama proposed to make partnership. “I knew, the company is serious to do it. Then we agreed to make partnership,” Bahrudin, the man who always becomes head of village since 2010, said.


Finally the bad days, slowly but sure, come to an end. After the partnership with palm oil plantation company run since 2008, PT Anugerah Energitama, within its sub industry, Palma Serasih Group, the villagers get better lives.


If the income per capita of the village was about Rp 2 million/month, the partnership makes the village get Rp 30 to Rp 40 million per month.

Not only the people’s income increase, the franchise increase drastically and so does the income per capita reaching Rp 200 thousand to Rp 25 million per month. It has been reaching billions of rupiah..

 “The plantation partnership changes our social, and economy. These have been happening since 2008,” Bahrudin said.

It is normal if the money in Village of Tepian Baru circulates about Rp 3 million per month. “The partnership changes the economy, social, and it is amazing since 2008,” he said.

This also makes the increasing population in Village of Tepian Baru. In 2014, the population increased about 200% to be 911 families. The more population, the man who got achievement in 2015, Bahrudin said, derives from the new comers out of the village. “The partnership with Palma Serasih Group has triggered the other villagers to come to this village,” he recently said in his office.(T2)

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