Palm Oil Development is the Same with Environmental Principle

Palm Oil Development is the Same with Environmental Principle

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA  -It is admitted or not, if it relates to the license in land resource – base, palm oil would be mentioned. But, the Governor of North Kalimantan, Irianto said, palm oil is the mainstay commodity in Indonesia and it needs legal protection.

If palm oil is cultivated well, the commodity would give small or big profits for every part of the tree will be useful. It could produce 25 to 35 years and the highest production may be in the age of 7 to 15 years.


He also told that palm oil plantation hires many workers whole over Indonesia and it is hardly zero waste production. “Palm oil could be the natural balancer. Without good agricultural practices, there will be small production,” he said.


He also admitted, developing palm oil should be in sustainable cultivation. That is why, it needs to improve the cultivation nationally. Our neighbourhood country can develop it well. Malaysia has developed it in million hectares but no complaint. Why?


He thought, every side in Malaysia supports palm oil plantation. “Our internal should be united and solid, should not easily be provocated to develop it,” he mentioned.


Vice Governor of Papua Barat, Mohammad Lakotani said, his side has develop palm oil in Papua Barat. But it should be legal. “The stakeholders could be controlled by the license publication,” Mohammad said.

General Director of Climate Change Controller, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Nur Masripatin admitted, developing palm oil was dilemma but there is no reason to reject it for it has sustainable standards to develop it.


In addition, it has the highest productivity of all kinds of vegetable oil. It needs no wider areas to produce. “The other kinds of vegetable oil could not compete with ours. They needs larger areas to develop theirs,” he said.


To develop palm oil as same as the environmental principles, Nur mentioned, his side starts to approach to the other commodity, for instance, wood, so that palm oil could be internationally accepted and traded. “Though it has to admit, wood and palm oil are different commodities,” she said. (T2)


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