Wilmar Claimed to Protect the Children

Wilmar Claimed to Protect the Children

InfoSAWIT, Jakarta –Wilmar recently launched Child Protection Policy (CPP) to increase the welfare of the children who live around palm oil area where their parents work at. The new policy is hoped to make positive things in palm oil industries and would spread to the suppliers and contractors.

CPP substitutes the Child Labor Policy that has run for too long that has been made ever since the company operates. The new policy is developed by the principles in United Nations  (UN) Convention about the rights of the children and it tries to protect every child in every operational of Wilmar and the related services. The policy is implemented for every operational of Wilmar, including the joint ventures, suppliers, and contractors as the third sides.

Commissioner of Wilmar Group Indonesia, M.P. Tumanggor, said, his side would not tollerate the children to work in any circumstance. “The children in our plantation are our responsibility to be protected. This is a huge commitment,” he said in the official statement in Jakarta, Wednesday (22/11).

Commissioner of Trafficking and Exploitation, Komisi Perlindungan Anak Indonesia(KPAI), Ai Maryati Solihah welcome what Wilmar does, that is, not to hire the children. KPAI appreciates the heavy job categorized companies, such as, the plantation industries, that publish regulation (policy) not to hire the children.

“I think, it is positive not to involve the children in the CPO production. But it needs to be supervised and watched,” she said.(T3)

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