Palm Oil Partnership of PT Musim Mas Increases the People’s Economy

Palm Oil Partnership of PT Musim Mas Increases the People’s Economy

InfoSAWIT,PANGKALAN LESUNG –Plasma plantation that PT Musim Mas develops in Village of Pangkalan Lesung, Sub district of Pangkalan Lesung, District of Pelalawan, Riau Province, laying about 401 hectares or involving 200 families, makes the people’s economy drastically increase.

The areas that have been developed since 2005 are the people’s land of Pangkalan Lesung that were rubber trees left by their parents. The production was decreasing and could not earn their lives anymore. Head of Sub district of Pangkalan Lesung, Adnan said that when being confirmed, Wednesday (22/11) in his office.

Adnan said, the people agreed with the company to develop plasma areas within Kredit Koperasi Primer Anggota (KKPA) scheme. The cultivation, the nursery and the production would be given to PT Musim Mas that develops 20 thousand hectares as the main areas.

He also thought, in about 12 years, the people who join the plasma scheme have better economy drastically, rather than those who did not make plasma.

“Imagine, they got Rp 7 to 9 million per month in average by running the plasma scheme. Some of them get Rp 11 million per month,” he said, as quoted from

Besides, he also told, PT Musim Mas develops a union called, Sumber Air Panas in Lingkungan Tambun, Pangkalan Lesung. The goal is to coordinate every palm oil area of the people, out of plasma scheme, and out of Businesss License of PT Musim Mas that lay on thousands hectares that PT Musim Mas bought from Provincial Government of Riau, within the standard price.

The company buys the fruit more expensive than it sold by the local agents and middlemen. That is why, the people of Pangkalan Lesung who have palm oil areas out of plasma and Business License sell their fruit to the company through the Koperasi Sumber Air Panas that makes partnership with both sides.

He also told, in general, the people’s economy  really increases drastically. It could be seen from their modern houses. The children now get their study, not only in Pekanbaru, but also in Java. (T3)


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