Bad, FFB was Harvested by Unknown

Bad, FFB was Harvested by Unknown

InfoSAWIT, PELALAWAN - Abu Tasar (35) should report to the police for his fresh fruit bunch (FFB) along Jalan Lintas Timur (Jalintim) Pangkalan Kerinci, was stolen for being harvested by unknown men.

Officer of Public Relation, Police of Pelalawan, Iptu Maraden said, the stealing was known after two workers who wanted to harvest the FFB of Abu Tahar.

"When ED and AR were about to harvest in the scene, they surprised that there was nothing to harvest anymore,” he said.

He also mentioned, knowing there was stealing in the location, the people of Jalan Seroja, Pangkalan Kerinci directly checked it.

“They themselves went to check their palm oil areas. There it goes. There was no FFB to harvest in the trees,” he said and continued, Abu Tasar got loss up to thousands of rupiah. “The victim reported the case to the Police of Pelalawan,” he said, as quoted from, Wednesday (22/11). (T3)

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