Chairman of IPOA Aceh is Sabri Basyah

InfoSAWIT, ACEH –Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) Aceh, did forum in the office of Governor of Aceh, Tuesday (21/11). In the forum, Sabri Basyah was elected as the Chairman of IPOA Aceh for 2017-2020.

It was attended by Vice Chairman of IPOA, Kacuk Sumartono;Staff of Governor of Aceh, T. Syakur; and the stakeholders in Aceh Province.

Chairman in Organization and Legal, IPOA Aceh, Riduan Manik said, his side would take the other stakeholders in Aceh to join the organization.

“IPOA Aceh would make the good relationship with the peole so there would be no case, including about the land. Palm oil industries play the important roles to conquer the  poverty, namely in the villages,” he said, as quoted from

He also mentioned, his side suggested the stakeholders in Aceh not to burn the areas when enlarging, and should obey the regulation. (T3)

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