Investors Should Care about the People by Profit Sharing.

InfoSAWIT, Kutai Timur - Kutai Timur (Kutim) Legislators proposed to make regulation to boost the income from the industries by hoping to increase the local industries. It would increase the welfare of the people and decrease the unemployment.

Based on Plantation Agency, East Kalimantan, in 2016, Kutim had about 450 thousand hectares of palm oil areas within 5 million tons of production or equal to 16,9 kilogram per hectare. From the data, palm oil industries hired 71,6 thousand workers.

Reforestation program after the mining activity through agriculture and plantation sectors have been seriously done in Kutim. But from what has been running, the cultivation has no big influence for the local people around the industries.

Chairman of Kutim Legislators, Mahyunadi said, the regulation would handle the sharing profit from the plantation industries to the people around the companies.

He also described, in the regulation, the plantation investors could sell the harvest to the people through the regional government agency or enterprise. “Palm oil would be the material for the local industries,” he said, as quoted from

This would be the obligation for the investors in Kutim. District of Kutim would get the advantage more than their investment for cultivating the areas to their business. He estimated, the sharing profit would be about 20 percent.(T3)

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