Palm Oil Regional Income in Seruyan is Still Small in Number

InfoSAWIT, KUALA PEMBUANG –There are many investors of big private companies in District of Seruyan and they are hoped to increase the Regional Income. Vice Regent of Seruyan, Yulhaidir said, the big private companies should have good and positive influences to the Regional Income of Seruyan. But it has been too long that the regional government is difficult to get the source of Regional Income.

He hoped, the related agencies could advantage the palm oil companies to increase it. The regional income is still small in number. “The investors in Seruyan seem not to hire the local workers,” he said, as quoted from

He also mentioned, he still gets complaint from the people to get a job though there are lots of investors in the region. This is a serious isssue. He continued, the companies still depend on the workers out of the region and make the local workers put aside. (T3)

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