Palm Oil Plantations in RiauSupply Sustainably

Palm Oil Plantations in RiauSupply Sustainably

InfoSAWIT, RIAU –Palm oil plantation of Sinar Mas V in Riau Province confessed to produce based on the sustainable principles and criteria that the global markets need of. The existance is hoped to supply the needs of sustainable palm oil up to the derivative industries.

For more than 25 years, Sinar Mas develops palm oil plantations that concern about the social and environment around. Not only developing its areas, but the company also develops the smallholders’ palm oil areas.


Based on the company, by 2017 the total palm oil areas in Riau lay about 84.755 hectares – the main areas lay about 50.054 hectares and the plasma areas lay about 32.972 hectares. In the cultivation, palm oil areas in partnership with the plasma smallholders cover 16.592 men.


The plasma smallholders’ areas cover more than 40% of the total areas that the company cultivates. Through the partnership program, it is hoped, the potential in Riau Province could develop


Sinar Mas’ palm oil areas V, or Perkebunan kelapa sawit Sinar Mas V (PSM V) in Riau are in many regions, such as, in District of Siak, Kampar, Indragiri hulu, and Indragiri hilir. PSM V also has 8 palm oil factories (POFs) within the total capacity reaching 450 tons of fresh fruit bunch (FFB)/hour that could produce more than 2 million tons of CPO in every single year.


Besides palm oil factories (POFs), PSM V also has two palm kernel factories (PKFs) within the capacity reaching 17,5 tons of PK/hour and could produce kernel reaching about 84 thousand tons per year. (T1)


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