When the Smallholders Will not Sell to the Middlemen

When the Smallholders Will not Sell to the Middlemen

InfoSAWIT, SUNGAI MELAYU -When in partnership with Benua Indah Group, Head of Village of Sengkaharak, Nion (43) of Village of Batu Tajam told, there were 500 families there. But after BIG was bankrupt eight years ago, slowly but sure, many villagers left the village. “Now there are only 221 families,” she recently said.

It was reasonable. Most of them were difficult to sell their fresh fruit bunch (FFB) to the middlemen. “There was different price between the factory and the middle men,” she said.


This made them find other occupation to earn their lives and moved to other villages or returned to their hometown.


When it was said, the asset of BIG was taken over by Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) Group, his side felt happy, especially when the palm oil factory was built. There would be shorter distance to sell their FFB. “If years before, it spent one day to transport one truck of FFB, it can be three trucks to sell to the factory,” she said.


Most of the people have old trees and should have replanting program. When they were offered to have replanting program, he continued, his side directly accepted it for it related to the villagers’ economy. “Some of them now have regular work, not a random work anymore,” she said.(T2)


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