Indonesia and Malaysia Agreed to Palm Oil Positive Campaign through CPOPC

Indonesia and Malaysia Agreed to Palm Oil Positive Campaign through CPOPC

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –In the 12th annual meeting of Indonesia and Malaysia, both government agreed to meet in Kuching, Malaysia (22/11/2017).

The meeting discussed some issues, such as, to empower the making of Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC). Both government agreed to cooperate in facing many challenges through the council.

Based on the official info to InfoSAWIT, the reinforcement of the two governments had been done in Bali on 2 November 2017. The both agreed to make general platform to reinforce, collaborate with every palm oil producer country and support to participate in joining CPOPC as the members.

The two countries agreed to develop CPOPC to promote and cooperate where the Secretariat is in Jakarta, and would intensively do positive campaign about palm oil in the world.

The two leaders of the countries are also sustainably committed to face the accusation from European Union to palm oil commodity which is thought as the forest damage. This is discrimination for palm oil.

The unfair assumption would influence millions of smallholders in Indonesia and Malaysia. The limited market for palm oil is not the same with the global commitment in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that United Nations proposed that one agenda in 2030 is to decrease the poverty and increase the people’s economy.(T2)

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