Sinar Mas Increases CPO Additional Value and Creates New Employment

Sinar Mas Increases CPO Additional Value and Creates New Employment

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Creating crude palm oil (CPO) additional value becomes the very big vision for industrial development in CPO – base in Indonesia for it always increases and abundant in every year. The stock of CPO becomes the strong reason to develop downstream industries nationally.

“Developing palm oil downstream industry is the important thing for Sinar Mas to increase the additional value for the industries nationally, and as the effort to make employment in Indonesia,” Chairman and CEO Sinar Mas Agribusiness and Food, Franky Oesman said some time ago.


What Franky Oesman said may become the massage for the stakeholders in palm oil industries globally. CPO is important to develop downstream industries in this country though in the late days, CPO is exported only.


As the second biggest CPO producer in the world, Sinar Mas is the big corporate that really understands the CPO business. The CPO business that runs in the international vegetable markets has substituted some commodities that master the trade for hundreds of years.


Sinar Mas takes CEPSA, a Spain advance and integrated energy company, as the partner. It has been running trade and production sector in petro – chemical base in the global markets, such as, surfactant product in Linier Alkine Benzena (LAB) in petro-chemical - base.


The end product from surfactant as the material in  LAB – base does always pollute the river and would damage the ecosystem in the river. So the consumers demand environmental surfactant. Now it is answered by producing surfactant in Liner Alkine Sulphonates (LAS) – based from palm oil as the material.


CEO CEPSA, Pedro Miro thought, the jointventure company, 50:50 of shares with Sinar Mas is the reflection of two powers of the companies. The new fatty alcohol industry is hoped to be the successful and developed industry globally.(T1)


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