POF of BGA Operates, The Hope for 16 Villages

POF of BGA Operates, The Hope for 16 Villages

InfoSAWIT, SUNGAI MELAYU –The 14th palm oil factory (POF) of Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) Group is not like the other factories. It has different meaning for the POF was constructed in 10 months only. This is the hope for the people from 16 villages.


The factory within 30 tons of fresh fruit bunch (FFB) per hour of capacity, is not only a factory to process the FFB to be palm oil but it becomes the new big hope for the smallholders in 16 villages in four sub districts, they are, Sungai MelayuRayak, TumbangTiti, Pemahan, and Nanga Tayap.


For about eight years, the smallholders sold their FFB to the middlemen. If they had to sell to the palm oil factory (POF), it was very far.


The nearest POF was about 75 kilometer from Sub district of Sungai MelayuRayak with bad infrastructure. Of course, this was not good for them.


Knowing the smallholders’ condition some years ago, Head of Village of Pengatapan Raya, Toro hoped, the new factory constructed by BumitamaGunajaya Agro (BGA) Group would return the economy of the smallholders in the village that they faced no optional choice. “We do hope, the company would buy every FFB that the smallholders harvested, including the FFB price would be the same to what the government would decide,” he recently said in Sungai Melayu


Toro admitted, the distance forced the cost more expensive to sell FFB. It might be about Rp 300/kg. For there is new POF, Bukit Belaban Jaya Mill, the transportation cost might be about Rp 80/kg and would save the transportation cost to the POF. (T2)


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