Orangutan Conservation in Palm Oil is Taken Cared Well by the Former Illegal Logger

Orangutan Conservation in Palm Oil is Taken Cared Well by the Former Illegal Logger

InfoSAWIT, LAMAN SATONG -  “Let me walk in front of you so that this path in the conservation areas could be prepared well. I am afraid, there would be bushes blocking us to walk”

It was the sentence spoken by MatiusAmat (54) after walking through the orangutan conservation areas of PT Kayung Agro Lestari (KAL), the subsidiary of PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk. It is good and there has no change. It has kinds of natural trees, based on the characteristic, tropical rain forest in West Kalimantan Province.


The path in the conservation is like the path in the tropical rain forest. It is natural and sometimes, there were holes for some of the areas are peat. If you don’t watch your step, your foot might be falling or twisted by the bushes.


Luckily, as the guard of the conservation areas, he prepared the path well with his knife that cut the bushes, twigs that disturbed the walk.


As the guard of the conservation, he really understands the detail of the areas. He got his experience when he became illegal logger.


He told, he decided to be illegal logger to fulfill his needs for having no good education. Since 2003 he came to Village of LamanSatong, as the illegal logger. “I was from Village of BalaiKarangan next to Entikong, the border area next to Malaysia,” he recently said.


He became illegal logger for 9 years. He got much as the illegal logger, about Rp 3 million per month. But he was always worried about being caught by the officers. He also mentioned that the officer chased him. “I did that for it was the only thing I could do,” he said.


Illegal logging around Village of LamanSatong was a big issue in 2003 to 2006. But it was stopped in 2009 after the palm oil enlargement in the surroundings. (T2)

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