Finally, The People’s Palm Oil Areas in North Sumatera Would be Replanted

Finally, The People’s Palm Oil Areas in North Sumatera Would be Replanted

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN -  Head of Plantation Agency, North Sumatera Province, Herawati said, of 2.623,3 hectares (ha)proposed to get grant, reaching Rp 25 million/ha from Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency, only about 1.075,32 ha have been verified. Of the verification, the palm oil areas in District of Serdang Bedagai, Langkat and Labuhan Batu Selatan would have the replanting program.

President Joko Widodo is scheduled to officially inaugurate the replanting program where it would be in Sub district of Dolok Masihul, Serdang Bedagai. "We have made data about the potential of the poeples’s areas to the replanting program within the grant help from the government, reaching Rp25 million per hectare,” she said, as quoted from Wartaekonomi.


She also said, the replanting program would help the people. It is predicted, it would spend Rp 60 milion per hectare or about 41 percent to replant. Her side also estimated, the replanting program would help the people for they complained, they would not be able to replant for getting no more money for some time.


“We support them to advantage kredit usaha rakyat (KUR) for the food plantation. I do admit, many of them won’t replant their areas because of income,” she said.


Director of Tanaman Tahunan dan Penyegar, General Director of Plantation, Ministry of Agriculture, Irmijati Rachmi Nurbahar said, the regional government in this case the districts and cities should be active to socialize and maximizing the chance, so that the people could get the grant to replanting program.


Based on the late experience, many palm oil areas are blocked by the administration and the status to get the grant.(T3)

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