Develop Palm Oil, BGA Group is Committed to Boost the People’s Economy

Develop Palm Oil, BGA Group is Committed to Boost the People’s Economy

InfoSAWIT, SUNGAI MELAYU -Deputy Chief Strategic Officer, BumitamaGunajaya Agro (BGA) Group, PriyantoPujiSulistyo, said, the new factory to operate is the fourteenth one four BGA Group. In the future, there would be the other POF in the operational areas of PT Inti Sawit Lestari (ISL)


As the high commitment to increase the smallholders’ economy in four sub districts, he continued, BGA Group tries its best to realize their dream so sell their FFB to the nearest location and should not sell to the middlemen.


If they directly sell their FFB to the factory, their income would be more and they might have better economy too.


As a matter of fact, not only constructing the POF, the company also improved the infrastructure for about 20 km in the region. It is hoped, there would be no problem when transporting their FFB to sell to the factory.


In short, he continued, the factory was only constructed in 10 months. This is the commitment of the company to buy the smallholders’ FFB. “We do our best to end the hard times of the people around,” he said.


It is a serious commitment after winning the auction on the assets of Benua Indah Group (BIG). The company was not easy to develop palm oil plantation for the many main plantations were cultivated by the people around and the overlapping license. “We have spent billions of rupiah to get the asset of BIG,” he said.


He also reminded the people to support the new POF by supplying the FFB continuously. The company promised would develop their cultivation and empowering their institution. “BGA would develop the smallholders’ economy in this region,” he said.


Regent of Ketapang, Martin Rantan said, it was not easy to build the factory. The asset that BGA now manages through its subsidiary, PT IntiSawit Lestari (ISL) belonged to Benua Indah Group (BIG) that was bankrupt eight years ago. BGA wants to save the asset of the country – palm oil development done by BIG used the financial of Bapindo before it was merger with other government’s bank to be Bank Mandiri. That was why, it should be in auction.


BGA won the auction. The old dusty iron factory now becomes a good factory to collect the people’s FFB.


He hoped, the operational of Bukit Belaban Jaya Mill could be helped by the people’s FFB and the company could finish the main palm oil plantation where the people still cultivate.(T2)

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