Sustainable Palm Oil Prospect in Indonesia

Sustainable Palm Oil Prospect in Indonesia

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –The care of world society on the conservation gets stronger. It is proven by the consumers’ control to choose the products deriving not from the damaging both the environment and the social (sustainability). The industries are urged to adopt the environmental perspective in their operational. Then what about the sustainability in Indonesia?


In a routine discussion which was held by non – profit multistakeholder in sustainable palm oil, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in Jakarta in September, Director of RSPO Indonesia, Tiur Rumondang explained an interesting presentation about the world automotive market change when the four vehicles were developed in the 1900s.


The world automotive markets keep improving. The four vehicles were used to be simple in technology and minimum in the safety equipment. But now they are improved to have the perfect technology and the safety equipment, including the environmental technology, for example, the hybrid technology.


From the presentation, it could be summerized, the wolrd markets, whatever the product is, will keep improving with no exception to be better and fixed to the consumers’ needs.


Vegetable oil markets, including palm oil, have the same phase. It is the support and urgent that palm oil industry should improve within the social and environment practices.


The top of the changes, Tiur said, starts when the consumers choose to consume palm oil products deriving from the environmental and social process. For example, not hurt or not put aside the orangutan, the small emission, not hire the children, and not disturb the indigenous people’s rights.


The conditions are the changing phases of the market behavior, which will or not, national palm oil industries should experience too. Why the market change happens? It does for the people start to know the limited natural resources in the future. Having the limited sources, the people realize, the natural resources could not be over exploited for it will damage the environment itself and in the end, it will influence the future.


 The market changes are found in many developed countries where the limit phases happen. It is normal if the world consumers (society) will voluntarily buy the environmental products though they are more expensive. It is hoped, this will help and give inputs to the industries to improve their cultivication within the more environmental process.


Then what about the markets in Indonesia? Indonesia is the number one palm oil producer in the world. It is admitted or not, developing palm oil industry has positively influenced the economy for the country and the people.


But some others are in the contrary for they get the negative of palm oil development in Indonesia. For example, there are many environment damages, conservation damages, and the nature structural changes.


It is admitted, the negative influence has not been massively happened for the natural resources are abundant. So it  is normal that the Indonesian consumers do not really pay attention to the products deriving from not damaging the environment.


This is contrary to the foreign consumers in European Union or USA. “Will we care about the environment if the source of water will be lack, the conservation is disturbed, or even damaged?” Tiur asked.


So from now on, it is time for us to protect the environment and the consumers should concern to the environment. But Tiur also admitted, to increase the consumers’ awareness in Indonesia will need the cooperation in every side, both the government, civil society, and the stakeholders and should be massively done.  (T2)


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