Palm oil Wastes Become Handycrafts

Palm oil Wastes Become Handycrafts

InfoSAWIT, ACEH - A group of people making handycrafts, plait, in Village of Paya Bedi, Sub district of Rantau, District of Aceh Tamiang advantages palm oil waste near the surroundings.


The group consists of 24 females (moms). They produce handycrafts in their daily lives. The materials are from palm oil wastes, such as, midrib.

The smallbusiness is made by Oil and Gas Enterprises since 2013.


The Enterprises develops them by giving material training to produce, marketing and enough modal to help them to produce qualified products.


Besides the group also gets helps to develop the business. They get the other materials to be the source of income, such as, eceng gondok, daun serai, bushes, and fiber from banana to develop the plait.


The products made by the females are handy bags, laptop bags, box for tissue, and sapu lidi. They are from Rp 20.000 up to Rp 200.000.


While in their spare time, the females could produce qualified products and were shown in Galery Ajang Ambe, ashowroom that gathers more than 40 Small and Middle Business in Aceh Tamiang.


Days before, President Joko Widodo said, the creative industries are big potential in Indonesia. So they should be developed well.


Head of Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (Bekraf), Triawan Munaf planned to develop other sectors, such as, games, music, and film. “Fashion, culinary, and crafts (handy crafts) are big enough. We want to accelerate them and want to have priority, such as, games, music, and film,” he said, as quoted from Tribunnews.

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