CPO OF in December is Zero still

CPO OF in December is Zero still

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA  - Recommendation from  Ministry of Trade, Indonesian Repubblic told, the referential price for crude palm oil (CPO) to the Out Fee (OF) in December 2017 is US$ 742,94/ton. It gets better about US$ 3,35 or 0,45% than it in November 2017 that was US$ 739,59/metric ton (MT).

“The CPO referential price gets better but it is still not more than US$ 750/ton. So the government decided, the CPO OF for CPO is US$ 0/ton in December 2017,” General Director of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Trade, Oke Nurwan said in Jakarta in the official statement to InfoSAWIT,  Tuesday (28/11)

The decision is written in the Regulation of Secretary of Trade No. 88 / 2017 about the Export Referential Price (ERP) Decision on the Agriculture and Forestry Products having Out Fee.

The CPO OF for December 2017 is listed in Column 1 Attachment II, C, Regulation of Secretary of Treasury No.13/PMK.010/2017 reaching US$ 0/MT. It is the same with CPO OF in November 2017 that was US$ 0/MT.

While cocoa seed referential price in December 2017 gets better US$ 86,25 or 4,22%, that is from US$ 2.044,86/MT to be US$ 2.131,11/ton. It influences the ERP of cocoa seed that increases US$ 84 or 4,75% from US$ 1.769/ton  in the previous month to be US$ 1.853/MT in December 2017.

The better referential price and ERP of cocoa seeds happen for the better international price. It does not influence the cocoa seed OF that remains 5%. It is listed in the Column 2, Attachment II, B in the Regulation of Secretary of Treasury No.13/PMK.010/2017. (T2)

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