Indonesia is Committed to the Law Enforcement and Forest Management

Indonesia is Committed to the Law Enforcement and Forest Management

 InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – By the publication of wood legal and verification system or ‘sistem verifikasi dan legalitas kayu (SVLK)’ for the wood to be exported from Indonesia to Europe, Secretary of Environment and Forestry (SEF), Siti Nurbaya, said, Indonesia has been admitted by the European Union (EU) and become the first country that publishes forest law enforcement governance and trade (FLEGT) license to wood products to be exported to Europe. Automatically it has fulfilled the tight legal conditions in EU. Since that day, Indonesia sent legal wood and wood products for more than one billiion Euro to 28 countries, the members of EU.

She also said, her side is committed to improve the law enforcement and forest management (cultivation) through the legal, certified and responsible wood trade. It contributes to the economic development in Indonesia and gives wider social and environmental advantages, including to the climate issues. “One year after the FLEGT was launched, it is the right time to assess the realization so that we could increase the success and could solve the issues,” she said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT, Thursday (30/11/2017).

Until  now, Indonesia has developed the conservation guarantee system and wood legal or known as SVLK  and other reformation which have improved the forest management by increasing the transparency, accountability, law enforcement, and the participation of the stakeholders to decide in the forestry sector.

Meanwhile Embassador of European Union in Indonesia, Vincent Guérend, said, the FLEGT license is more than a trade. By the strong national and international partnership, FLEGT license and supporting management reformationhave given good fortune for mankind and the planet. “The license has empowered the rights, increased the prosperity and helped Indonesia to manage the sustainable forest and used it to limit the climate changes,” Vincent said.

In March 2015 to February 2017, the authority of EU countries had checked 2.704 operators in the wood import activity, and there were 525 confirmation to improve and had 139 fines. Besides there were 6 trials decided. These showed, EU is serious to make sure that the legal would could be traded in its markets.

The FLEGT license and the reformation of policy in the legal wood that attach to the improvement really contribute to the economic progress and the poverty allevation. SVLK has increased the sustainable forest management and supported Indonesia to solve the climate change and protect the conservation.

The Voluntary Partnership Agreement and FLEGT license are parts of the market tranformation process and the sustainable development globally and in the long term. The approach of FLEGT that joins the offer and demand sides are the potential models for other sectors and products, such as, palm oil and textile.(T2)

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