Palm Oil Companies Should Get Licence to Pass

Palm Oil Companies Should Get Licence to Pass

InfoSAWIT, KUTAI BARAT –Regional government of Kutai Barat (Kubar) would give sanction to the palm oil companies that forbid the regulation.

The dumptruck transporting fresh fruit bunch more than the capacity keep passing through the road.

It started by calling 3 palm oil companies, they were, PT Kedap Sayap II, PT Ketapang Hijau Lestari,and PT Kalimantan Agro Makmur. The three operate in Sub district of Tering and Mook Manor Bulatan.

“Knowing the bad damage of the road, the companies should have licenses to pass through the Transportation Agency of Kubar in about 15 days from now,” Vice Regent of Kubar, Edyanto Arkan, said, accompanied by Assistant I, Silas Sinar;and Head of Transportation Agency, Rahmad. In the meeting with the managements of the companies, as quoted from suaraindonesia.

Edyanto Arkan also said, the regional governmentt should take care of the assests of the country and the region. So he suggested, the companies should obey the regulation.

“In 15 days, if the regulation is disobey, Transportation Agency would seal the truck if passing through the way,” he said.(T3)

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