Accelarationn of Legal Conservation takes the Private in Ketapang

Accelarationn of Legal Conservation takes the Private in Ketapang

InfoSAWIT, BOGOR –The agrarian reform is out of target from what President Joko Widodo decided. This urged the acceleration agenda and prior agrarian reform nationally that need the support from every side, including the regional government. District of Ketapang is ready to support and plan the agenda to reach and realize the same economic progress for the people, namely in the villages.

Some agrarian reformation, such as, the management and ownership of ‘tanah obyek reforma agraria’ (TORA) or redistribution and area legal, the empowerment of the regulation and solution of agrarian conflict are the attention to be elaborated and should be harmonized by the regional developmental plans.

The private sectors should be active too, namely the palm oil plantation companies to solve the legal and areal conflict issues.

Knowing that every side needs to get the same and right understanding about agrarian reform to advantage the area and natural resources, District of Ketapang and Aidenvironment Asia – the sustainable independent social and environment organization – do workshop of ‘Legalisasi Areal Konservasi dan Percepatan Reforma Agraria’ in District of Ketapang.

"The workshop is done in Hotel Zest, Bogor, on 5-6 December 2017 ini. It is the continuous workshop about the landscape that we did in the previous in Ketapang and it involves the speakers from related ministries, such as, Environment and Forestry;Agrarian and Spatial/National Land Agency; environment agencies in Ketapang, 12 (twelve) companies having the concession licenses in plantation, forestry; and NGO,” head of Regional Development Plan Agency, District of Ketapang, Mahyuddin said, Monday (4/12/2017).

He also said, it is hoped that the workshop could have the lead of acceleration policy of agrarian reform, social forestry, and the partnership pattern among the regional government, the private and the people to manage because District of Ketapang wants to have sustainable and applicative industrial development in the village level.

The active participation of the private sector, namely palm oil plantation companies to accelerate the agrarian reform in District of Ketapang is so massive. The data from District of Ketapang showed, 18% of the areas are palm oil plantations, and most of them commit to have NDPE policy (No Deforestation, Peat and Exploitation) that supports sustainable development, balances the economic, social, and environment of the plantation. On the other hand, the realization of the Social Forestry just reaches 14%.

Director of Aidenvironment Asia, Adriani, said, lots of cases in palm oil areas are in the forest areas. The area conflicts become the triggers of legal issues and end to economic disparity, namely in the people living around the forest areas.  “We want to harmonize and support every side to cooperate and create the business model that could be adjusted to the potential in the villages and the villagers in Ketapang,” he said.

It is admitted or not, the area legal both in productive and protected areas are keys to the success of the natural resource and area management. The legal could avoid the conflict, and the people could get the access to the area and natural resources. It is hoped too, the balance of the access could increase the welfare of economy to realize the same welfare.(T2)

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