To have Better Yeild and Weight in the FFB, This is the Secret

To have Better Yeild and Weight in the FFB, This is the Secret

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – There are many ways to increase palm oil productivity. One of them is by using PalMega. It is the latest technology to get the FFB in high yield and less fruit to fall. This would increase the yeild and the weight of the FFB.

The fast palm oil industrial development urges kinds of technology to develop too to support the productivity in Indonesia and in the world.


Until now the productivity is a trend to discuss namely in Indonesia that could be increasing more.


President Director of PT Nufarm Indonesia, Alwi Assagaf thought, every side has its goal to increase productivity and the plantation is urged to implement the intencification.


This is done for the tight regulation to enlarge new palm oil plantation, besides the small areas to plant. In addition, the environmental issues keep going on and on.


Actually there are many ways to increase productivity. One of them is by using the substance to grow, PalMega. Alwi Assagaf thought, the technology could be one alternative to boost palm oil productivity nationally. “Intencification is the main key to develop palm oil plantation rather than extensification,” he said in the launching of PalMega in Jakarta and InfoSAWIT attended too.


If the yield could be increasing, imagine, the additional oil would be. Now of the total palm oil areas, reaching 11,2 million hectares, the big private companies cultivate about 6 million hectares and the production could be  increasing too.


By using PalMega, the yeild would be more. It is predictable, the production would be too and make more billion of rupiah to the planters. “I do hope, the technology could realize to increase the productivity and give massive advantages for us,” he said.


PalMega is the result of research for years done by Valent Biosciences Corporation that for about 50 years, it has mastered the biorational market and has been used in the world, including PalMega, and biorational insecticide, DiPel SC.


Head of Asia Pasific & General Manager Sumitomo Chemical (Asia Pasific) Pte. Ltd., Salman Mir said, PalMega is the latest technology that is specialized to palm oil industries.


He continued, his side needs to introduce PalMega in Indonesia for being the main palm oil producer in the world and has vast areas.(T2)

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