FFB in Riau on 6-12 December Gets Cheaper Rp 42/Kg

FFB in Riau on 6-12 December Gets Cheaper Rp 42/Kg

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In the first week in December 2017, the decision of fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price in Riau Province decreases. The 10-20 year old fruit gets cheaper about Rp 42,02/Kg.

Head of Cultivation and Quality Plantation Marketing or Pengolahan dan Pemasaran Perkebunan Mutu, Plantation, Horticulture, and Food Plantation Agency, Riau Province, Dedi Yasmono said, the cheaper FFB happens for the cheaper crude palm oil (CPO) price in one last month.

Here are the FFB decision in Riau Province, No. 48 on 06 to 12 December 2017. The three year old fruit is Rp 1.381,51; the 4year old fruit is Rp 1.540,84; the 5year old fruit is Rp 1.648,03; the 6year old fruit is Rp 1.698,20; the 7year old fruit is Rp 1.762,52; the 8year old fruit is Rp 1.817,58; the 9year old fruit is Rp 1.877,00; the 10-20year old fruit is Rp 1.928,42.

The 21year old fruit is Rp 1.884,30;the 22year old fruit is Rp 1.839,46; the 23 year old fruit is Rp 1.795,33;the 24 year old fruit is Rp1.777,54;the 25 year old fruit is Rp 1.706,37. Index K is 91,94%, CPO is Rp. 7.741,43 and Kernel is Rp. 7.932,20. (T2)

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