PT Chevron Should Pay the Compensation for the Palm Oil Tress Planted by Suku Asli Sakai Bumbung

InfoSAWIT, BATHIN SOLAPAN – Tens of mass from Suku Asli Sakai Bumbungcame by to PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI) in D-30, Village of Bumbung, Sub district of Bathin Solapan, District of Bengkalis, Monday (4/12/2017).

They claimed Chevron to pay the compensation for about 351 hectares where PT Murini cultivates for such a long time. “We are here to get compensation of the trees that had been agreed in 2004 in the Governor’s office, Riau,” Coordinator of the mass, Andika Sakai, said, as quoted from riaueditor.

He thought, in the agreement, there was point five, saying, ‘If PT. CPI cultivates the areas, the company should pay the compensation for the trees more than 6 years old,” he said.

He also mentioned, the trees planted by the smallholders ofSuku Sakai in the areas, are 36.100 and every thing should be paid. “We would limit the time, only one week. If there is no clearity, on behalf of Sakai, we would be in the areas and make camp,” he said.(T3)

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