40% of the Economy Depend on Palm oil in District of Paser

40% of the Economy Depend on Palm oil in District of Paser

InfoSAWIT TANA PASER –District of Paser consists of 10 sub districts, 5 ‘kelurahan’ and 139 villages. 40 percent of the economy depend on palm oil plantation. But it does not influence well for the people.

Head of Plantation, Agriculture Agency, District of Paser, Bahriansyah said that and every single day, there would be villagers planting palm oil. “But there was no data about the width,” he recently said, as quoted from Prokal.

Palm oil is as the pillar of economy for the villagers and it gives good influence, such as, decreases the unemployment by hiring the labor after the enlargement. Besides there are free new paths made by the land owners and the government could reduce the numbers of ‘berasmiskin (raskin)’ to the villagers around the plantation for they could buy rice without help.

He also said, palm oil has minor thing for it is renewable source. The villagers only depend on palm oil to their income which means, when the crude palm oil is cheaper, it would influence every stakeholder, starting from the planters, the cutter, and factories that process fresh fruit bunch (FFB) to be crude palm oil (CPO).

Knowing the dependence of Paser to palm oil, he felt sorry that there is no other product in the district. Every FFB harvest from the villagers and the company that is processed to be CPO, the result is advantaged for the needs in the factory out of Paser.(T3)

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