Half of Free Palm Oil Seed Are Bad

Half of Free Palm Oil Seed Are Bad

InfoSAWIT, TELUKKUANTAN–Free palm oil seeds that the government distributed to the villagers of Kuansing are not good. Some of them even in bad condition and should be returned. Vice Regent of Kuansing, H. Halim said that when checking up the seeds that the partners provided.

“Half of the seeds are bad. Of course, it is not the same as the contract,” he recently said, as quoted from riauterkinicom, Wednesday (6/12/17).

In the contract, he continued, the seeds should be 10 to 18 months. But what has been found was the seeds are 2 years old. Besides, the leaves of the seeds have been cut off. “Why do they cut off the leaves? It means, they are not good,” he said.

He also admitted, he had directly checked some locations, such as, Koto Kari, SeberangGunung, and others. From his monitoring, most of the seeds should not distributed to the villagers.

“I suggested, the people should return the bad seeds. It is not acceptable for it would influence the harvest,” he said. (T3)

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