District of Tambrauw Denied to Provide 19 hectares of Palm Oil

District of Tambrauw Denied to Provide 19 hectares of Palm Oil

InfoSAWIT, SORONG – Regional government of Tambrauw through the Regent, Gabriel Assem, S.E., M.Si is said to make an agreement or signing to make memorandum of understanding (MoU) with related ministry and one palm oil company to release 19 thousand hectares in District of Kebar and Miyah to be changed into palm oil areas.

Knowing that, Secretary of ‘PartaiGolkar, District of Tambrauw, Yeremias Sedik, S.IP., denied the issue. He said that it is not true.

“I think, it is an insult and discredits the Regional Governmment of Tambrauw, namely the Regent,” he said.

Yeremias also told, the legislators and the District of Tambrauw are making the regional government about the Conservation and Protection to the Indigenous People. The Draft, he confessed, has been finished and would be discussed in the meeting, so that the palm oil plantation companies that would operate there are contradict to the vision and mission of Tambrauw.

He also said, the companies and palm oil plantations are against the midterm and long term development plans that the Legislators had discussed on November 15, 2017. When discussing the development plans, there was no discussion to enlarge palm oil areas in Tambrauw.

“It was in 2014. It was suggested by Secretary of Forestry that was MrZulkifliHasan. He agreed to develop palm oil. But it was the old days and suggested by the Main Districts, they were, Sorong and Manokwari,” he said.

The suggestion from District of Sorong and Manokwari, he continued, was the continuity of palm oil areas in Kamono, District of Sorong, and Prafi or Sidey SP 9, District of Manokwari that the map of the region reached District of Kebar that now becomes District of Tambrauw.

“In 2014, Tambrauw was offered to release more than 19 thousand hectares to be palm oil areas, but the District, in this case, the Regent, Gabriel and the Chairman, GrabrielTitit, rejected it,” he said as quoted from Papua barat Pos. (T3)

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