Four Villages in Sub district of Lolak Fight over the Areas with Palm oil Company

InfoSAWIT, BOLMONG – 500 villagers in Sub district of Lolak, District of Bolaang Mongondow (Bolmong), demonstrated and occupied the areas of ex Business License, where they plant for living. They did that because PT Anugerah Sulawesi Indah rejected their activity.

The demonstration was also done by blocking the way to the plantation area by banana trees and others reaching about 500 meters.

Some villagers and workers of PT Anugerah Sulawesi Indah argued one to the other and finally the police controlled the situation.

Finally the Public Relation of the company, Hem Mokoginta; the coordinators of the demonstration, Rahmat Ali Algaus;and Tim Maleo Bolmong Police did negotiation that in the end, the palm oil plantation company could not operate and plant palm oil in the areas. (T3)

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