Area Conflict of PT DJL with the People is Being discussed

InfoSAWIT, TANJUNG REDEB – The area conflict between the villagers of Kampung Biatan Ilir with palm oil plantation company, PT Dwiwira Jaya Lestari (DLJ) in Sub district of Biatan has no solution yet. The Berau Legislators now concerns about it.

To follow up the villagers’ report about the issue, Berau Legislators scheduled the hearing by inviting the company, the related instance to solve the issue.

Members of Berau Legislators, Abdul Waris said, his side knows the issue. From what he knew, there are about 300 hectares of palm oil areas out of the company’s business license (BL) and the company’s itself harvest the fruit. The people object this for the areas are in their villages.

“The question is who has the areas. The company harvests the areas out of its BL,” he recently said, as quoted from Prokalco.

From what he knew too, there is a process to get licence in the areas. On the other hand, the government is making moratorium. “The government needs to clarify it. That is why we invited every side,” he said.

He also said, he got the issue when visiting Sub district of Biatan. They hoped, the government solves this issue, namely the company. It is hoped, the company could accommodate their will. “For the people want this, we would facilitate them,” he said.(T3)

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