About Sawit, Ministry of Agriculture Came by to CEC

About Sawit, Ministry of Agriculture Came by to CEC

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Secretary of Agriculture, Andi Amran Sulaiman on Thursday (7/12/2017) came by to the hall of Corruption Eradication Commission (CEC) in Kuningan, Jakarta.

He wanted to discuss about palm oil with the commission. “We discussed about palm oil, namely the plasma. We discussed it with the Chairman of CEC,” he said, as quoted from Kompas.

He also made sure, the meeting would be almost the same with the previous meeting about the people’s plantation and the palm oil areas in the production forest. “There are plasma smallholders, and companies cultivating in production forests, and so are the people’s areas too. We need to discuss it well and get the solution,” he said.

Days before, the meeting was in March 2017. He and the leaders of CEC discussed palm oil, starting from the people’s enlargement, and the supervision of fund in the palm oil replanting program.

“We discussed about palm oil. The first was about the composition of the plasma and the main (companies) that did not reach 10 percent,” he said at the time.

Based on the Regulation of Secretary of Agriculture No. 98 / 2013 about the license guidance in plantation business, it obliges to develop the people’s areas, reaching minimally 20% of the areal license that the company got. Ministry of Agriculture noted, until 2015, the realization of people’s plantation development just reached 237.791,57 hectares. The numbers were smaller than what the government targeted to devleop plasma plantation, reaching 384.065,87 hectares. (T3)

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