IV Commission, Indonesian Legislators: Palm Oil Resolution, The Ways of Europe to Damage Indonesia from back side

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Chairman of IV Commission, Indonesian Legislators, Edhy Prabowo criticized the ratification of palm oil resolution that European Parliament did. He said, it could be a betray for Indonesia.

“Just like two best friends. One kills the other. Indonesia is the partner in many unilateral and bilateral cooperations ever since Indonesia got its independence,” he said in the release, Thursday (7/11/2017).

He also said, palm oil resoulution is the black campaign to Indonesia as the biggest palm oil exporter in Europe.

He thought, this would be a loss for the production in Indonesia having lots of smallholders.

He also emphasized, the black campaign is the business competition so that palm oil would not be named as the biodiesel material in 2o2o. This breaks the fair trade concept that Europe runs for long.

Before it, Greenpeace thought, the stakeholders did not really want to stop the forest damage. “Palm oil industries still damage and our reports showed, the traders did not have plan to stop and improve it,” Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace Indonesia, Bagus Kusuma, said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

He thought, Greenpeace International has published the latest report saying that the suppliers to some brands in the world could not guarantee that their palm oil is free from the deforestation.

He also thought, none of the company could prove not to do deforestation in their chain of products and claimed that palm oil industries are the main factors of deforestation. (T2)

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