304 Have got ISPO Certificate and Would be more

304 Have got ISPO Certificate and Would be more

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Director of Pengolahan dan Pemasaran Hasil Perkebunan,Ministry of Agriculture, Dedi Junaedi, said, palm oil plantations have become the pillars of economy for the nation.

Though there are lots of negative issues about palm oil, he continued, if it is seen further, palm oil plantation development has been running based on the environmental perspective. He claimed, the development has referred to the Tridharma Perkebunan, that it should be sustainably developed. The contents of Tridaharma Perkebunan are creating the employment, increasing the exchange for the country, and conserving the natural resources, environment, water, and land.


So palm oil plantation nationally has the sustainable practice policy that is known as Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) that is regulated in Regulation of Secretary of Agriculture No. 19/Permentan/OT.140/3/2011, that has been improved by the Regulation of Secretary of Agriculture No. 11/Permentan/OT.140/3/2015.


The policy is the same with the Regulation No. 39 / 2014 about Plantation, chapter 62 that notes, Sustainable Plantation Development should fulfill the sustainable principles and criteria.


He also mentioned, the regulation is kept being improved and adjusted with the development, for example, the moratorium of primer forest and peat areas.


Until now, there have been 226 companies getting ISPO certificates covering about 1,43 million hectares, and 6,75 sustainable CPO production. “And 600 companies are in the audit process,” he recently said in Jakarta.(T2)

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