Palm oil Protects Orangutan, The Way to Develop Conservation

Palm oil Protects Orangutan, The Way to Develop Conservation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Besides maintaining the hilly having high conservation value, in the company’s palm oil plantation, there are other conservation areas.

The conservation areas were decided when the palm oil enlargement was firstly done. Manager of Conservation in the western areas, PT ANJ Tbk., Nardiyonosaid, the workers when enlarging the areas unintentionally found the nets of orangutan, precisely in the western concession areas next to Village of Kuala Satong. It was about to be main and plasma palm oil plantations.


Since that moment, 657 hectares are decided to be the home (conservation) for orangutan. But it is not only in one spot. The southern is decided too as the conservation for orangutan, laid about 2.330 hectares.


It is predicted, there are about 48 orangutans in the 657 hectare area, while in the 2.330 hectare area, based on the survey done by Yayasan Animal Rescue Indonesia (YIARI), BalaiKonservasiSumberDayaAlam (BKSDA) Ketapang, and the company itself, in the end of 2015, there might be about 102 orangutans.


To protect orangutan, BalaiKonservasiSumberDayaAlam (BKSDA) Ketapang and YayasanInternasional Animal Rescue Indonesia (YIARI), had trans-located 11 orangutans from the people’s areas.


As the serious commitment to protect orangutan conservation areas, Nardiyono said, his side would make the 2.330 hectare areas as the Essential Ecosystem Region or KawasanEkosistemEssensial (KEE), and become the natural landscape until GunungPalung National Park.


The company is proposing the conservation areas to get the Decision of Governor as the KEE so that the area would have status as the conservation areas that the company manages.


He said, this is the way to prevent the illegal logging and the status of the areas is legal. “This is to ensure the management of the conservation areas,” he said.(T2)


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