SCAMPER Si Tali Putri, Improvization and Innovation in Palm Oil Plantation

SCAMPER Si Tali Putri, Improvization and Innovation in Palm Oil Plantation

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Experience thought us to be creative, namely the planters who directly do the field work”

Creativity is really needed to face the change, to increase the sustainable efficiency, and productivity. Creativity makes someone do improvisation and innovation.


Unfortunately, many thought that improvisation and innovation have something to do with ‘wow’. But many also saw the weakness of one improvisation/innovation rather than trying to implement it well.


Some companies give rewards to the employees who improvise and innovate through the ‘continuous improvement’ program. The reward is not too important to improvisation but to share for GOODNESS with all the heart.


By this short article, the writer wants to share “how to improvise and innovate” in the SCAMPER method. The writer got it when studying in PrasetiyaMulya some time ago.



SCAMPER stands for: 

S = substitute

C = combine

A = adaption

M = modify

P = put......

E = eli....

R = re-arrange atau re-use


Every point is the continuous article and completed by the implementation in palm oil industry. Hopefully it is useful



The planters must have known tali putri (Cuscuta campestris) well. It is kind of plantation that spreads that has parasite - gulmamikaniaand asystasia. Both kinds of weed could decrease the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) production up to 40%. This happens for the weeds are greed of nitrogen.


Taliputriicould substitute the usage of herbicide 2.4 Diamine to control the weeds. Here are the procedures: if one company (corporate) has about 60 thousand hectares, 140 workers, the control detection of Hama dan Penyakit Tanaman (HPT) could be done in 20 to 24 days of work in every month. In every month, taliputricould be spread in 98 hectares and in one year it would be reaching 1.186 hectares.


It is more than one afdeling, right? If the doze 2.4D is 0,2 liter per hectare for asystasia so tali putri would substitute 237 liter 2.4.D and if the doze to control mikania 1.5 liter per hectare, so it would save 2.4 D about 1.779 liters. It is clear, besides saving, it is environmental too.


It should be noted,tali putri would not reduce the usage of triclopyr and fluroxypyr but could vanish the usage of 2.4 Diamine.


(Written by: Head Agronomy, PT Union Sampoerna Triputra Persada,  Marlon Sitanggang)

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