To Know Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel

To Know Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –For most planters, they might understand what crude palm oil and palm kernel are. But for others, such as, the smallholders and common people, they might not understand what the both are.

One member of WhatsAppGroup of Palm Oil Mill, ZunaTanjung shared his knowledge about the difference of both. Of course it is in simple language to explain.

Zuna told, crude palm oil could be found in the mesocarp (the fleshy part of the fruit), while palm kernel could be found in the main (core) of the fruit. Both kinds of oil have different fatty acid composition.

Crude palm oil has 50% of saturated acid and 50% of unsaturated acid. In specific, crude palm oil has about 44% ofpalmitate acid, 5% of stearate acid, 39% of oleat acid (single unsaturated), and 10% of linoleat acid (double unsaturated). The miristat acid and laurat acid in crude palm oil could be ignored.

On the other hand, fatty acid composition in palm kernel could be the same as in crude palm oil or in general, it is called ‘saturated fat’. About 82% of the palm kernel may be saturated fat within the main composition, 48% of lauratacid, 16% of miristatacid, 8% of palmitatacid. About 18% of palm kernel consist of unsaturated fat within 15% of oleat fat (single unsaturated) and 3% of linoleatacid (double unsaturated)

Fatty acid specifically refers to the nowadays research showing that not every saturated acid could be categorized “bad” in its relationship with the blood cholesterol. “Every fatty acid shows its unique characteristic to the cholesterol,” Zuna noted.(T2)

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