If Canola and Soybean could be for Biodiesel, Palm oil Should be too.

If Canola and Soybean could be for Biodiesel, Palm oil Should be too.

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) or famously known as technology in Bio Engineering – base is one tech that advantages other organism to improve the quality of certain organism.

It means, it is a genetically process change from one organism within engineering technic. GMA modifies kinds of food and could be for non food research. GMO could be said as the living modified organism.

Former researcher of Balai Besar Litbang Bioteknologi dan Sumber Daya Genetik Pertanian, Professor  Herman said, this is one way to improve the quality of animal or plantation.


Professor Hermansaid, biotechnology is not difficult thing or something scary.In traditional perception, biotechnology has been done by mankind since thousands of years ago. There is no reason to be afraid of or no reason to disturb to develop it.


The process of making tempe or alcohol is simple sample to the biotechnology process. In the late days, the food product or animal from biotechnology result has been developed. “In addition, traditional technology has turned to be modern one,” he explained in the media gathering of CropLive in Jakarta recently.


Of thousand agricultural products in the world, there are kinds of biotechnology results. It is even said, 20 countries have developed and implemented the biotechnology to produce agricultural or animal products.


Professor Herman also explained, biotechnology is really helpful for the agricultural products to face kinds of problems, such as, the disease or pest. The more population, the more food would be. So the agricultural products that are resistant to disease or pest are really needed. To realize it, it needs biotechnology to implement.


Days before, biotechnology was only developed in six countries in 1996 and the areas planted by the result of biotechnology laid on 1,7 million hectares. He continued, there have been 21 countries developing biotechnology – 7 of them are developed countries, 19 of them are developed by developing countries and the results of biotechnology are planted in about 185 million hectares. “It is eleven times to increase,” Professor Herman said


The agricultural products using biotechnology are soybean, cotton, canola, and others. “It is time for Indonesia to develop agricultural products in biotechnology – base. There have been 32 agricultural products got and waited for the licenses,” he said.

If the agricultural products are generally developed by biotechnology, in the future, it would be very possible, palm oil seeds would be from biotechnology so that the result could be closer to the oil potential from its tree. (T2)

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