Six Issues in Palm OIl

Six Issues in Palm OIl

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – In 2014, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) did researches about the issues in palm oil enlargement in the world.

Country Director for RSPO activity in Indonesia, Tiur Rumondang, said, from the reseaches, there are two big groups, they are from the environment and social aspect.

In the environment aspect, the research showed, there are three main issues for the stakeholders to notice. The first is deforestation – it is the highest one in the news reaching up to 54%. Then it is green house-gas issue that shows about 26% of the news. The third is the damage of biodiversity that reached 26% in the news.

“These are the issues that might be risky for us to notice,” she said when launching the Report of Palm Oil Risk Management in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/12)

In the social aspect, there are three major issues too. The first is the indigenous people that may be disturbed by the presence of palm oil. The news reached up to 11%. Tiur continued, what came up is that the indigenous people did not want to be disturbed. They just need the ways of their original living.

The second is about human rights within the news reaching up about 9% and the benefit sharing that the news covered up about 9%. “The people mostly want to have fair benefit sharing,” she said.(T2)

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