Secretary of Village, Transmigration and Undeveloped Regions Appreciated APP Sinar Mas about DMPA.

Secretary of Village, Transmigration and Undeveloped Regions Appreciated APP Sinar Mas about DMPA.

InfoSAWIT, JAMBI– Secretary of Village, Undeveloped Regions, and Transmigration, or Desa Pembangunan Daerah Tertinggal dan Transmigrasi (PDTT), Eko Putro Sandjojo appreciated the Desa Makmur Peduli Api (DMPA) or Fire Free Prosperous Village program which Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas initiated because the program is the same with the program in the ministry, that is, implementing the business model of Produk Unggulan Kawasan Perdesaan (Prukades).

Eko Putro said, Prukades is the same with DMPA program that Sinar Mas initiates. The principle is to make the economic claster from the upstream to downstream so that the product produced by the villagers could increase their economy.

Besides, he continued, Sinar Mas has launched DMPA program that develops the villagers around its concession, starting from the upstream to downstream and the giving the product access to the people.

“Making one model of Prukades, and Sinar Mas has shown its program and guaranteed the market. The program helps the government. The issue is that if the program is made, but there is no market, it would be useless,” he said after joining a seminar ofIkatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia (ISEI), Tuesday, (12/12/2017), to InfoSAWIT,

Meanwhile, Chairman of ISEI, Muliaman D Hadad said, the DMPA progam is one new breakthrough in the spirit of the collaboration development. “The companies could cooperate with the people around the concession, not only to enliven the economic value, but also to empower them and be the good models. I think, the government has known this as one model to implement,” Muliaman said.

For information, in the end of 2015, APP Sinar Mas introduced the DMPA program. It is the perfection of many programs that empower the people.

“In the first place, DMPA was to mitigate the fire and illegal logging around the concession areas of the company. But as it develops, DMPA gets more to do, not only mitigation, but also to develop the social and economic independency of the villagers through environmental agroforestry, and vanishing the tenure conflicts in the areas,” Managing Director Sinar Mas, G. Sulistiyanto said.

He thought, the cooperation among many sides makes the program be done in detail so it could be a prospect to run the government’s programs.

“Ministry of PDTT has Prukades, then, Ministry of Environment and Forestry has Social Forestry program or Perhutanan Sosial. Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial has Agrarian Reform program. DMPA could attach most of them,” he said. (T2)

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