11thWTO Ministrial Conference, Secretary of Trade Hoped the Permanent Stockholding for Food Security

11thWTO Ministrial Conference, Secretary of Trade Hoped the Permanent Stockholding for Food Security

InfoSAWIT, BUENOS AIRES- Indonesia hoped, the World Trade Organization (WTO) could make permanent solution on Public Stockholding for Food Security Purposes (PSH) and the solution of Special Safeguard Mechanism (SSM). Both issues should get the solutions for being the mandates in previous Ministrial Conference.

“Indonesia strickly asked that WTO should make agriculture and fishery as the prior issues to be solved. For Indonesia, agricultural sector has strategic role for it is the living source for most of the citizens of Indonesia,” Secretary of Trade, Enggartiasto Lukita said when giving speech in the 11th WTO Ministrial Conference, Monday (11/12) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the official statement toInfoSAWIT.

He also said, the members of WTO should consider the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that could support the issues in agriculture and fishery. The accomplishment of SDGs, and the better agricultural and fishery sectors would be positive to the global trade in the future. “The trade would be the inclusive mechine to develop, and conquer the poverty,” he said.

It is important for WTO to empower and increase the participation of the least developed countries (LDCs) in the multilateral trade system. So there would be openness to have new chance to do business as the increasing standard lives of the world society.

Meanwhile, about the multilateral trade, Indonesia realized, it is important to have open multilateral trade system, predictable, and obey the regulations. This is the same with Marrakesh Agreement in 1994 that becomes the basic of WTO to faciliate the members to get the best advantges in the multilateral trade.

Just the same with Declaration of Secretary of Nairobi in 2015, the members of WTO are committed to continue the negotiation issues in the Agenda of Doha that is not finished yet. Agricultural and fishery sector are in it. Both issues, he continued, contribute to the food security, poverty allevation, and village development.

WTO is hoped to monitor the implementation of the multilateral agreement. It should be the center to solve and prevent the case. “WTO should respond the latest progress that is not written or listed in the Doha Agenda,” he said.(T2)

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