The Intercrop when Replanting is Studied

The Intercrop when Replanting is Studied

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN -Asosiasi Petani Kelapa Sawit Indonesia (Apkasindo), North Sumatera is studying the intercrops when palm oil replanting program runs. It is needed because not every area is good to plant corn.

Chairman of Apkasindo, North Sumatera, Gus Dalhari Harahap said, the intercrops during the replanting program would be the living source for the smallholders.

“While waiting for palm oil trees, the smallholders could get additional income. Some regions are good to plant corn – palm oil. But some others are not. That is why, it needs to study the other regions. So far, we have studied the intercrops, such as, red sugar from palm oil stalks, and the selling of palm oil stalk,” he said, as quoted from MedanBisnis, Tuesday (12/12).

Besides corn, the intercrops in palm oil areas are paddy, chilly, watermelon, and vegetables. Corn is not good for every region. That is why, it needs to study to run the program well.

In addition, the replanting program is new for the smallholders. Though the intercrops would be for three years only, but they could consume the intercrops and could be the additional income for the smallholders.

He also said, the study about the intercrops is important to the smallholders’ income. The areas to have replanting program in 2018 would be about 9.109,29 hectares.

Relating to the intercrops, his side would make workshop so that the smallholders would know, what intercrops could be planted in their regions and be the source of income.(T3)

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