Different Width of Peat from the MEF and Stakeholders

Different Width of Peat from the MEF and Stakeholders

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Himpunan Ilmu Tanah Indonesia (HITI) suggested, Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MEF) should synchronize the peat regions that the stakeholders have cultivated. It is important to map the peat for it has something to do with rencana kerja usaha (RKU) or the plans of the company and the regions, and what areas should be protected.

The member of HITI, Profesor Yanto said, the data is not right enough that MEF released about the width of peat to be protected forest or the area to the stakeholders. The data is not different from what the stakeholders have.

He also said, MEF should ask every company cultivating the peat to make map and then it should be validated by the independent team to match both data.

“If the maps – from the companies and MEF, have been validated, it would be better for having the same correction,” he said in the press conference, Tuesday (13/12)

He also explained, the minor map of the peat would make the companies confused. It may happen that the area where MEF claimed is not peat as the companies are informed. This would influence the operational of the companies in the first place.

The issue would influence the plans which have been prepared or the companies that have cultivated the peat. When the peat map is differenet, the companies would reject the revision of plans.

MEF could press the companies by revoking the plan for they do not revise. But when the companies think that there is awkwardness, they could revise the ‘not right’ plans. “It may be said, the companies make the fake plans in order to fulfill the conditions only. But the implementation would not be the same in the field,” he said, as quoted fromRepublika. (T3)

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